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Army Mohawk 631 arrives back in Georgia after traveling full circle.



Dateline: Atlanta, GA, August 17, 2011.



Spanning three decades, the Georgia Army National Guard flew OV-1 Mohawks as part of its combat support mission.  Dozens of OV-1B, C, and D model aircraft were based at the Army Aviation Support Facility in Winder, GA, and at Dobbins AFB, MariettaGeorgia had two of the few units flying this tough high performance aircraft. 


The Georgia National Guard was rightly proud of its role in Army Aviation.  Georgia Mohawks flew missions ranging from surveillance training to spotting drug runners off the Atlantic Coast from Miami to Charleston and the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Tampa. The Georgia National Guard received a presidential unit citation when Georgia Guardsmen flying

OV-1 Mohawks from Winder and Dobbins teamed together to locate a record setting drug laden mother ship in the Gulf of Mexico


Mohawks are ejection seat equipped, two man turboprop fixed wing aircraft.  They were initially deployed to South Vietnam in 1962 and served throughout the entire conflict. The Mohawk was used for visual and photographic reconnaissance with great success due to the aircraft's speed and quiet turbo-prop engines. The aircraft was also utilized with success in the light attack role when armed with 2.75 inch rockets and .50 caliber machine guns. In late 1966, an armed OV-1A of the 131st S.A.C. shot down a North Vietnamese Air Force MIG-17 over North Vietnam.  The Mohawk was removed from Army service in 1996 with the last Mohawk unit being the 224th Military Intelligence Battalion based at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia.


The first OV-1C Mohawk arrived in Georgia in January, 1970.  The last OV-1D left Dobbins in 1993.  Now one of these unique war birds has returned to its nest here in Georgia, OV-1B Mohawk Serial No. 59-2631. 


The U.S. Army accepted 631 in October, 1962.  It went directly to the 503RD AVN BN of the 3RD Armored Div. based in West Germany. The "B" model Mohawk was produced to utilize the Army's new Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) mounted externally to the aircraft in an 18 foot pod. The SLAR provided a film record of ground radar images of moving targets on both sides of the aircraft's flight path at night and in bad weather.  This system was used successfully in patrolling the West German border and in Vietnam.   It also came in handy tracking drug freighters off the Atlantic Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico


 A total of 90 OV-1Bs were built. This aircraft is the last known “B” model flying.  631 came to Georgia in 1978 and was assigned to the GA Army National Guard’s 158th MI CO based at Winder, GA.  The “B” model Mohawk served with GA Army National Guard until 1985. Since then it has traveled many miles. Here is but a brief history of its Georgia ties after leaving Winder.

            1985-1986: Army Aviation Museum; Ft. Rucker, AL,

            1986-1999: Private Ownership,

            1999 to 2010: Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. 


This particular Mohawk was a major air show attraction with the “Sky Soldier Demonstration Team”, for almost ten (10) years thrilling millions of air show attendees.


On August 17, 2011, at 11:00am 631 will arrive back in Georgia.  It will first land at Dobbins ARB, for a brief welcoming ceremony at the Army Aviation Support Facility.  At 12:30, 631 will perform a brief flyover of the Dobbins Runway then depart for its permanent home in Winder, GA.  It will arrive at Winder at 1:30 for another welcoming ceremony.  There it will be part of the newly formed Georgia Army National Guard Aviation Museum, Inc.  When it arrives in Winder, 631 will have flown full circle since 1978. 


If you’d like more information or if you would like to attend the welcoming ceremony at either Dobbins or Winder, please contact Ed Bearden, President GANGAM at 678-428-8221,


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